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Best Practices in Water Management

Ecoblue focuses on water conservation for all facilities, regardless of scale. Our clients experience a reduction in operating costs and the peace of mind that comes with Ecoblue’s 14 years of progressive industry-specific experience. Ecoblue’s highly respected expertise and resources help you plan your project while providing you with tailored solutions to meet your water conservation goals.  We listen to your concerns, strive to understand your business, and provide answers that will work for you now and in the future.


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An on-site water assessment provides a more accurate analysis than simply estimating the efficiency of each unique facility. During our in-depth site visit we utilize proprietary software to provide a highly detailed analysis of existing water use. After reviewing this data, we make informed decisions based on our clients needs. We listen to our clients concerns to help identify and prioritize specific projects based on the relative savings, opportunities, and project cost-effectiveness.


We recommend changes to fixtures, processes, and operations to improve water efficiency. Our complete proposals are customized to each facility, so clients get exactly what they need, based on their water saving goals and the return on investment. Proposals include current water use, ideal products and fixtures, financial and environmental savings, and the available rebates.


Our turnkey process includes product ordering, as well as, partnering with specialized plumbers, technicians, and contractors to expertly complete the installation, and assisting with available rebates. You may choose to implement our recommendations on your own, or we can easily take care of the entire process for you. Our experienced team can identify and troubleshoot costly issues prior to the beginning of construction, saving thousands of dollars in change orders and delays.


Save water. Share water. Giving back is a cornerstone of Ecoblue with donations being made to a variety of programs addressing critical needs such as water access, sanitation and hygiene in communities throughout the world. We’re proud to work with the 1% for the Planet and contribute to non-profit organizations such as, Water for People,, and WaterAid America. Together, we can help people and the planet prosper.

The ARID Program is a consultation and implementation service for saving our clients water and money. Our knowledgeable staff will visit your facility to evaluate your bathroom water use and establish a customized water management plan. When it comes to our clients’ needs, one size does not fit all. Ecoblue recommendations are tailored to the unique needs of each facility.

“There are opportunities in all commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings to achieve significant water savings in the restroom.”

There are opportunities in all commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings to achieve significant water savings in the restroom. Participating in the ARID Program is the first step any building owner or manager should take to achieve and sustain long-term water savings. For a one-time investment, ARID Program consultants provide clients with the detailed information needed, before making any large capital outlay. Our consultants provide a water-efficiency plan for your specific building. Depending on the type of water, pressure, equipment or systems installed, our customized plan can be used, as a whole or in part, to guide the water management process and to facilitate water use reduction.

Our expertise and knowledge is gained from actual project experience and leading-edge information on industry trends. This means we provide our clients with optimal solutions to unique water conservation issues, which would prove challenging to others in our industry.

Through straightforward and incremental steps, the ARID Program can save you money on operating costs and help meet your organization’s sustainability goals.